A fantastic trip

In the earliest days of life, diamonds, consolidated since more than a thousand million years and crystallized hundreds of kilometres in the depth of the Earth, emerged from their cradle pushed by the power of magma.
The seismic activity produced spectacular geological phenomena and forces of extreme intensity, which dragged the diamonds towards the earth’s crust, sometimes depositing them thousands of km of distance from their place of origin.

Amazing resistance

...and, despite the rigour of Nature along this incredible journey, some diamonds still showcase their original splendour.

Two accomplice souls

Just Diamonds wishes to share with you the luxury fantasy of joining forever the two diamonds (TWINS) that are part of the same crystal.

Proven passion

From an accurate and delicate selection of perfect models, our major challenge is to take great care of their transformation process and communicate this fascinating evolution.

Diamond characteristics

The characteristics that determine the quality and therefore the value of a diamond are defined as the “4Cs” (Carat - Clarity - Colour - Cut):


The price of a diamond per carat grows proportionally to its size, together with its cut, colour and clarity.

Logically, this means that the bigger the extremely high-quality diamond, the rarer it is.


A diamond clarity is the systematic evaluation of the internal characteristics of each gemstone.

These characteristics, named inclusions, are present in almost all diamonds and are tiny remains of non-crystallized carbon or small carbon crystals. The less inclusions a diamond has, the more precious it is.


Diamonds can be of different colours, although the most appreciated and used by goldsmiths are colourless: the higher quality is due to the total absence of colour. In order to measure this parameter, the scale of the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) is used. It defines up to 23 different shades by using alphabet letters from D to Z.


Cut is the only “4C” that does not depend on nature. The cutter’s hands have to make sure that the light reflects on the inside of the crystal and projects towards the outside creating that spectacular beauty that is called “life” in gemmological language.


JUST DIAMONDS B.V.B.A. is a Belgian company, located in the diamond centre of Antwerp and with more than 30 years’ experience in diamond extraction and trade.
As a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, it is one of the most advanced companies in this sector, devoted to the traditions of this craft and under constant innovation. All the diamonds distributed with TWINS brand are natural and comply with the international standards that regulate diamond trade.