Diamond Import s.r.l. was set up in 1977 in Arezzo, with its headquarters in via M. Perennio n.51/53 , thanks to the entrepreneurship and professional skills of its founder Mr. Valerio Cianchi. With his deep knowledge on precious gemstones and his diploma in gemmology, he covered high-level positions and prestigious functions in the field of precious gemstones.

In 1980 he was nominated Expert Gemmologist at the Arezzo Customs Office; in 1981 he was registered at Borsa Diamanti Italia (Italian diamond Bourse), a fundamental pre-requirement for having access to the world bourses of precious gemstones. On 15th February 1984 he obtained the registration n.162 on the Register of Expert Technical Consultants of Tuscany for precious gemstones, diamonds, antique jewellery and precious objects in general.

Mr. Valerio Cianchi offered its city a great opportunity: for a long time he had very close friendships and work relations with internationally-known gemmology experts like Prof. Raffaele Zancanella and Prof. Luigi Costantini, members of G.I.A. (Gemmological Institute of America). He proposed to them to open the Italian G.I.A. office on the upper floor of his company new headquarters. The idea was put in place but then, due to some unfavourable circumstances it was not possible to complete it and today the only G.I.A. European offices are in London and Moscow.
In 1988 Mr. Cianchi became G.I.A. member.

Diamond Import is not only a renowned diamonds and precious stones wholesale which deals directly with the Antwerp Exchange, but it also manufactures totally hand-crafted jewels produced by the best artisans of Arezzo since 1990.

We also have a very well-equipped gemological laboratory for internal analysis and certification of each types of precious stones.